Soomaaliya oo loo doortay xubin kamid ah QM

NAIROBI(P-TIMES)- Soomaaliya ayaa loo doortay Madaxweyne ku-xigeenka Golaha loo dhanyahay ee Qaramada Midoobay muda xilleedka 75-aad ee 2020/201.

Abuukar Cusmaan Baalle oo ah safiirka Soomaaliya ee Qaramada Midoobay ayaa xilkaas loo doortay sida lagu shaaciyay bogga rasmiga ah ee ay Safaaradda Soomaaliya ku leedahay dalka Mareykanka.

Tallaabadan ayaa muujineysa doorka fir fircoon oo ay Soomaaliya ka gaartay arrimaha siyaasadda caalamiga ah iyo diblomaasiyadda.

Horey waxaa xilkan Soomaaliya u soo qabtay

1963-64 Dr Xasan Nuur Cilmi
1979-1980 Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen/ Axmed M. Aadan “Qeybe” iyo
1986-87 Cabdullaahi S. Cismaan.


  1. This is a clever diplomatic gesture by the UN, perfectly timed to coincide with the eve of the country’s highly anticipated elections since the military coup dislodged the first democratic government soon after independence. Its sole objective is to boost the morale of the Somali people and create a euphoric atmosphere that is hoped will motivate them to fully embrace and partake in the planned elections. It would have been a warmly welcomed development by every patriotic Somali had it not been for the weak and utterly inept administration currently occupying Villa Xalane.

    In my humble opinion, the international community is partly to blame for the current political stagnation and uncertainty crippling our nation. This is due to the failure to follow the established processes and procedures designed to restore a nation that has experienced total collapse and a bloody civil war. Neither was a peace and reconciliation exercise ever held nor were the serious faults that led to the country’s breakdown properly addressed and measures adopted to prevent a repeat of the same. Nor was a legally binding clause inserted in the national constitution that ensures the amicable return of properties and assets to their rightful owners which were either stolen or robbed at gunpoint during the civil war and subsequently. Another fundamental fault of the international community is the failure to resolve the crisis in the North-Western region of the country by disbanding the rogue guerilla regime holding the region hostage.

    I believe that no amount of diplomatic gestures or niceties can ever ensure proper free and fair elections in Somalia in its current status as well as political climate. It will turn out to be an exercise in futility whereby valuable resources are both wasted and misappropriated with an outcome that will be terribly regretted by all concerned. The correct approach and format from the very beginning should have been the undertaking of a peace and reconciliation process followed by the creation of regional states without a formal national government of any sort but a 10 to 20-year UN mandate until such time as the regional states are properly functioning mini-democracies with their own robust mini-economies that are ripe and ready enough to form a national government.

  2. @Hanuuniye,

    Waan ka xumahay saaxiib dalabkaaga ma oofin karo waayo waa qoraal yara dheer. Waxaan se aaminsanahay in aad murtida qummaati u fahantahay sida laga dheehan karo sadarkaaga koowaad ee aad luqadda English-ka ku tabisay.

    Afsoomaaligii waa ba la isku haystaa oo kuwa luqadaha kale ka arradan baa qoraallada lagu soo tabiyo qabyaalad iyo qurun jahli ku saleysan ka dhex ur ursada. Luqaddeenu na kama fadli badna luqadaha kale ee caalamiga.

  3. Boodhari, you are one sick individual. Somalia should be in UN trustship with no government but instead Confederate regions. Farmaajo is like Abraham Lincoln, he is chosen as the leader of the United federal government of Somalia and he has declared war to the separatist Confederates rascist dhabayaco and dabacayuune. Viva villa somalia farmaajo+khayre= new way of life ameen

  4. @Naaleeye,

    You need to get your historical facts right, first of all. You just trumpeted your utter ignorance attempting to juxtapose Somalia’s history with that of America and, worse still, babbling about issues you are truly confused about.

    We can debate like civilized grown-ups if you are up for it, but I don’t engage in petty arguments and insults. If having an opinion or a perspective different from others makes one “sick”, then we are all sick. Don’t be such a bad loser.

  5. @Naaleeye,

    My honest advice to you all who are Farmaajo’s sycophants is to accept that if wishes were horses beggars would ride. My understanding and experience of real politics are that anyone seeking to be the leader of a nation must, first of all, have the intellectual capacity as well as personal traits to lead. They should be capable of devising their own new agenda and bring on board a system of governance and leadership which is completely different to the status quo.

    Usually, true leaders tend to be reformative and constructively transformative in their style of leadership and governance, improving on past achievements, and raising the nation to a better level or status. What I and many like-minded Somalis find astonishing in Farmaajo is that he is trying to bulldoze a new form of governance designed to save a failed state and a country recovering from a terrible civil war without presenting a better and viable alternative.

    Taking Somalia back to a system of government that failed miserably for 60 years is sheer insanity which sane Somalis cannot and will never let happen, least of all us Puntlanders and Jubbalanders. If Farmaajo hates federalism then the only other but equally flawed alternative open to him is confederalism which is close to the failed centralized form of governance that he is still stuck in but slightly better.

    Tell him that.

  6. Cismaan
    Werent you part of the Farmaajo herd up until 6 Months ago?

    Imika maxaad masaakiintan weli Xaarmaajeysan isku balaayo ka jiniyeysaa? Kkkk

    Farmaajo Afgarooc. Sodogtiisa Abshir, Abshiro oo wait Bishaaro. Waa sodog aad iyo aad u wanaagsan. Waxaan maqley in Farmaajo sodogtiisu ay aad iyo aad ugu qushuushday 65 ardey ee ay dowladiisu wax bartey. Soomaaliyana waxey nasiib u yeelato inuu isagu Madaxweyne ka ahaado 30 guuradii ka soo wareegtey goortey xoriyada qaadatay.

    Eesh calaa Madaxweyne.

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