DEG DEG-Puntland oo digniin culus soo saartay & cabsi ka taagan deegaamada qaar.

Xukuumadda Puntland ayaa soo saartay digniin culus oo ku wajahan shacabka kadib markii ay soo baxday saadaal ku aadan roobab daadad wata oo ku soo wajahan qaybo kamid ah Puntland.

War ka soo baxay wasaaradda Deegaanka, Beeraha iyo Isbedelka Cimilada Puntland ayaa waxaa lagu sheegay in la saadaalinayo in roobab mahiigaan ah kusoo wajahn yihiin degaannada Puntlnad, gaar ahan gobolada Nugaal,Bari iyo Sool iyo Sanaag.

Qoraalka ka soo baxay wasaaradda ayaa waxaa lagu shaaciyey in roobkaas uu sababi karo daadad xoogan, waxaana loogu baaqay dadka ku nool meelaah biyo mareenada ah inay ka tigtoonaadaan.

“Roobab mahiigaan ah ayaa la saadaalinayaa inay kusoo wajahan yihiin degaannada puntland, qeybo kamid ah gobolada Bari, Nugaal iyoSool & Sanaag ayaa la rajeynayaa inay heli doonaan rooob xoogan oo sababi kara daadad ayaa lagu yiri” War kasoo baxay Wasaaradda degaanka Puntland.


  1. @@Comrade Abdiweli,

    Pardon the time lag between us in Europe and you guys in North America, meaning we kind of see each other’s replies six or so hours late.

    Another sad reality in our homeland that you quite articulately drove home in your previous post regarding the failure of leadership is as reported here. Whenever I see these stupid warnings issued by our State Government, I feel like tearing my hair off due to the surge of anger and frustration.

    What we should be seeing is the government enlisiting the assistance and support of weather specialists from friendly nations to help in the planning and preparation of mitigating the potential risks posed by these unconventional rains and, equally, harnessing their potential benefits.

    My expecation of our leaders was seeing them a medium-sized or two water reserviors per year in properly identified and demarcated catchment areas of these heavy rains. There are many funding pots available to tap into in the various UN agencies as well as friendly nations to make this a reality. Even more crucially, we should be churning out our own homemade enviromentalists via our highly regarded universities.

    Where is the vision and mission for such vital developmental programmes is the valid question hanging over the heads of our leaders. As you correctly nailed it Comrade, governments and everyone who cares about progress require constructive criticism in order to achieve our utmost potential.


      My expectation of our leaders was seeing them CONSTRUCTING a medium-sized or two water reservoirs per year in properly identified and demarcated catchment areas of these heavy rains.

  2. @sayid

    though we are worlds apart we all are zoomed to our umbilical cord (meaning our homeland).
    puntlanders are of two types. those who see life’s happenings as an inevitable accident and those who see life to be a seed that one sows. those who sees life as an accident are conditioned to be submissive to their surroundings just as gazelle would. come hell or high rivers mitigation is not an option to ponder with. the memories of the families that were swept away by last years torrential floods is still fresh in their minds but like gazelle they will still build and graze in the same valley that their brothrens had succumbed not long ago. the mindset of those in leadership is the same. they believe that no one can mitigate the risk or harness the pontatials benefit of a natural phenominum. it was yesterday when THIRST was the talk of the day in Garowe and other parts of the country. To them shit happens and each prays that he or she are not chosen to be its prey and hope to live another day to wash off its ordour. The same fellow who is conditioned with such mind set runs the ministries and the mega dreams of the people and its future expections.
    Every sector in government is manned by this types of lollipops and they adversely affected the nation with their “shit happens” mind set. you will see this kind of mind set even where one would not expect. look at the millatary.
    The evil shayadiins would ambush them with the same unfiltered tactics over and over and again.
    my friend this is a massive mental pandemic that need to be eradicated in order for change to happen. and this is not only happening in puntland but all over arthul somal. it’s a part and parcel of this race and the pattern must be broken by all cost. shit happens mindset is what destroyed this nation to begin with. when shit happens in other part of the proper world people ask what happened, and how it happened and what should be done to guarantee its mitigations.
    no one accept the same shit to cause havoc over and over in the same manner. sometimes our people use fate and religion to excuse thier inactions.
    But Allah did not instructed us to build a house in a well known waterways.
    that is damb and lame in our part.

    I remember someone saying to you to stop criticizing puntland and asking you instead to go there and contribute your helping hand. I wonder how you could do that when the very people you would extend helping hand to— are totally allergic to intelligence. CHEERS!!!!@PUNTLANDERS my beloved kin and kith. change is inevitable to every nation that needs to take a step forward.

  3. @@@Comrade Abdiweli,

    You had me in stitches again with this highly comical piece, absolutely classic! would you be a standup comedian by any chance, because you sure as hell deliver massively tickling pieces in writing, yankie style!

    Your advice has been taken on board, Comrade, and I’ve lots of plans to contribute to our scented homeland of Punt, by Allah’s Grace. We’ll get there in the end, so worry not too much.

    Please, be advised all of you my fellow colleagues and comrades that I’ve once again been compelled to urgently change my tag after some devil attempted to create a copy-cat image using my nickname on a previous page.

    I’m also going offline for a day or two as I get to review my online security protocol, in case I’m being compromised once again. Wishing you all the best.

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