DEG-DEG+AKHRISO: Madaxweyne Biixi oo magacaabay Taliyaha Sirdoonka Somaliland

Madaxweynaha Somaliland, Muuse Biixi Cabdi ayaa xilkii ka qaadey Taliyayaashii Ciidammada Sirdoonka, Badda iyo Laanta Socdaalka Somaliland.

Sidoo kale, Madaxweyne Biixi ayaa magacaabay Taliyayaal cusub oo bedelaya xubnaha uu xilka ka qaaday, kuwaas oo kala ah:

1. Jeneraal Xiirane – Taliyaha Cusub ee ciidanka socdaalka
2. Jeneral Faysal Guhaad Cabdi Gahayr – Taliyaha Sirdoonka
3. Jeneral Hurre Haariye – Taliyaha ciidanka Badda.



  1. Dear Muuse Biixi,

    Our Glorious Leader, Caliph Omar Bin Khattaab (RC), left the Muslim Ummah this solemn and prophetic message in one of his thought-provoking sermons.

    “Verily, we were once a people so disgraced and downtrodden, but Allah ennobled and empowered us with Islam. And Allah will surely disgrace us again if and when we seek nobility and dignity from other than which Allah has honoured and dignified us with”

    (Source: al-Mustadrak ‘alá al-Ṣaḥīḥayn 207, and reported by Tariq ibn Shihab.

    During the 26th June Somali Independence Day celebrations in Hargeysa and Boorama, you, Muuse Bixi, and your SNM propagandists sank to the lowest of the low when you lot resorted to the most despicable boot-licking performance by shamelessly disparaging your own golden heritage and glorious past in a desperate attempt to please the Anglo-Saxon Zionists who are hellbent on erasing all that and neo-colonizing the Somali race and the Muslim World at large through sowing the seeds of hatred and discord as well as manufacturing falsehoods and mistruths.

    We were left wondering in utter shock and dismay as to what on earth possessed you lot in Hargeysa to go to the extent of blithely denying your and our own illustrious past as the once famous and widely feared nobles of the Adalite Empire, and even denigrating our beloved Turkish brethren who for centuries made incalculable sacrifices to protect and preserve the Somali race and its proud Islamic heritage.

    I wish to remind you all that your dream of an independent Somaliland will never ever see the light of day if it is a project that displeases the Almighty Allah (SWT) and incurs His wrath. You and this project are destined to end up in eternal doom and damnation for waging a war against Allah and His Way of Life that He Has Bestowed upon us as a people.

    If only you knew how all your secret discussions and signatures in pursuit of this evil project will turn into the fierce flames of Hellfire that will consume you mercilessly and eternally, Muuse Biixi! How I pity you, you poor old man!

    • Awal
      Secession from the south is the will of the entire Somali landers. I don’t think you deny the reasons. There are many reasons, one of these reasons the south’s betrayal of the northerners and what the tyrant Siyad Barre did in bombing the capital of Somali land, killing women and children, in addition to this, ignoring the north no development or constructions, throughout the period of union with the south, Somali landers are ruling themselves today how you see Somaliland and the south today, development and security? No return back to the south, take my word.

  2. @Hargeysa Boy,

    Thanks a lot for the insult, matey. I hope it cooled down your high blood pressure.

    • Awlal

      Waad ku mahadsantay dardaarankaa kasoo fulay saxaabigii, mujaahidkii, muhaajirkii, mulhamkii iyo mubasharkii janada.

      Cawaantan waxay ka jeceshay khayrkaad sheegtay durbaanka loo tumo jaahiliinta kasoo doogay dulmigii qarnigii tagay ay gacan yarayaasha ka ahaayeen..

  3. @@@Soomaali Galbeed,

    Suldaan, idinka ayaa iga mudan oo waanna kaaga abaalqabaa guubaabada qaayaha badan.

    Suldaanow, Soomaalidu waxay noqotay dad gudcur jiciiraya oo koodii faynuuska u siraadaba ka damminaya oo colaad iyo cuqdad ba’anna u qaadaya! Afkii baa juuqda gabay!

    Shukran Jaziilan.

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