SAWIRRO: Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh oo Tababar u soo xiray saraakiil & Ciidammo cusub

Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa tababbar u soo xiray Dufcadda 4-aad ee Layli Sarkaal iyo Dufcadda 5-aad ee Layli Saraakiil Xigeen ee ka baxa Dugsiga Tababbarka Ciidamada Soomaaliyeed ee TurkSom.

Madaxweynaha oo uga mahadceliyey dowladda Turkiga hirgelinta dugsigan oo la dhisay sanadkii 2015-kii ayaa sheegay in Dowladda Federaalka ay ka go’an tahay dib u dhiska, qalabaynta iyo tayeynta Ciidanka Xoogga Dalka, si loo helo ciidan Soomaaliyeed oo si buuxda ula wareega sugidda amniga dalka.

“Hirgelintii dugsigan waxa ay billow u tahay in wakhti dhow aan gaarno in aan si buuxda, gudaha dalkeenna, ugu tababbaranno ciidankeenna. Waxaan u hamablyeynayaa waalidiinta, walaalaha iyo qoysaska ay ka soo jeedaan Saraakiishan iyo kuwii ka horreeyeyba ee halkan ka bixi jiray in ay u oggolaadaan ubadkooda ku biiridda Ciidanka Xoogga Dalka Soomaaliyeed.”

Sidoo kale, Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa ku soo bandhigay khudbadda uu u jeediyay Saraakiisha iyo Saraakiil Xigeennada, ahmiyadda uu siinayo in dadka Soomaaliyeed laga dulqaado dhibaatada argagixisada, lana xoreeyo deegaannada ay ka soo maleegayaan falalka gurracan ee ka soo horjeeda dowladnimada iyo qiyamka suuban ee diinteenna.

Dhankooda, Saraakiisha iyo Saraakiil-xigeennada ayaa soo bandhigay dhoollatus ay ku muujinayaan cududda iyo tayada Ciidanka Xoogga Dalka Soomaaliyeed, iyagoo gutay dhaarta dastuuriga ah ee la xiriirta in ay difaacayaan dalka, dadka, diinta iyo calanka Soomaaliyeed.

Munaasabaddan waxaa goobjoog ka ahaa Safiirka dalka aan walaalaha nahay ee Turkiga Mudane Mehmet Yilmaz, Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Banaadir Mudane Cumar Maxamed Maxamuud, Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga XFS Mudane Cabdulqaadir Maxamed Nuur, Taliyeha Ciidanka Xoogga Dalka Sareeye Guuto Odawaa Yuusuf Raagge, Taliyaha Ciidanka Booliiska Soomaaliyeed, Sarreeye Gaas Cabdi Xasan Maxamed Xijaar iyo Saraakiil kale oo ka tirsan Ciidamada Qalabka Sida.




    In real terms, wars are never won by military might but through tact and diplomacy based on forging alliances. This is the trick in the hat that our Somali folk – still trapped in a long bygone era – must learn and master.

    In the same vein, Somalis ought to be a bit savvy and base their perspective as well as approach and argument on the knowledge of history. We need to learn the difference between the various names and terminologies pertaining to Ethiopia before we make complete fools of ourselves on the world stage.

    The term “Xabashi” is an Arabic name that collectively refers to the inhabitants of Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia) – all 90 ethnicities of them. Thus, the assertion flying around that the “Xabashi” are enemies of the Somali people could not sound more ridiculous, absurd, and meaningless considering that the majority of the tribes inhabiting Ethiopia have only heard about Somalis but never set eyes on any.

    Somalis have historically had a beef with the Amhara people, but it is precisely the same beef that the other 89 tribes of Ethiopia have had with them for aeons: resisting the Amhara’s imperialist mentality and tendency.

    For this reason, it would do the Somalis a lot of good if they got clever and picked their fight with the real nemesis, instead of committing the terrible strategic blunder of alienating the other ethnicities in Ethiopia that are equally seeking to completely neuter the Amhara people’s potency and neutralize their predomination of the Horn of African politics.

    Our strategy should be hinged on nurturing a solid alliance with all the other ethnicities in Ethiopia and the rest of the Horn of Africa – especially the key players in terms of political prowess and population size – in order to squash the threat we all equally face from the resurgent Amharic power.

  2. Low IQ culusow

    Imisaa Hiiraab/Madalooda waa su’aasha ugu muhimsan culusow iyo kooxdiisa.

    Hadaad u fiirsateen talaabooyinka ilaa hadda qaaday ninkaan inaad caqli gaabnimadiisa siyaasadeed ka haqab beesheen baan ujeedaa.

    • Shut the F*ck up , we are sick and tire of you insulting our President. I’m from Puntland and I stand with Xasan Shiikh kalab yahoow nacaybka ka dhex abuuraya Soomaalida dhexdeeda.

  3. We must also bear in mind that apart from Abiy, the rest of the Ethiopian regime seems to be perfectly in the grasp of the Amhara.

    The danger for Somalis lies in them committing the strategic blunder of referring to the whole of Ethiopia as the “enemy” and thus risking a rallying call by the Amharic regime against Somalia which would then unite the massively divided country at the chagrin of Somalia and all Somalis.

    Ever heard of the laws of unintended consequences? It is a bitter lesson that the Russians are now learning the hard way. So, fellow Somalis, use your intelligence rather than your emotions.

  4. I hope he doesn’t say to them who ever not happy with $100, just leave.You Can have huge army but if the doctrine is wrong,the purpose is to serve narrow desire of individual and the hands that are feeding them is not from our own,then this is not an army.
    Also,in this day and age,the soldiers want to live stream everything and brag about it,in the fight they already thinking what clips are good for isntagram.If you think am lying check the Clips by DDS and previous othe fights.

    • Dhis Ciidanka Mr. President . Dib u heshiisiin Soomaalida dhexdeeda biloow. The sky is the limit. Dhegdheer dhimatay. Ethiopia is Dead period.

      Xabashida Soomaali waa u Soomaali, inagana sidoo kale, laakiin mar dhow waan kala baran donnaa Xabashida iyo qabiiladooda si aan u kala qaybino oo hubkana isugu dhiibno just like they did it to us, no more no less, Alcadaala.

    • @ally M

      Did you just say check the DDS for their Live Stream? We are not DDS, We are Somalia, who the F*ck are you?

  5. @@@ Mahbar1,

    Si xushmad leh ayaa ku waydiinayaa,hadii wixii iyaga aad ku eedaynaysay u qorshahaada yahay in aad ku sameeyso, maxaad kaga duwantahay iga?
    Aniga Qof Somali ayaan ahay dhib iyo dheefba,Ethiopia waligay xitaa safar kuma marin,laakiin waxaad ogaataa in dadka Ethiopia cadaab iyo caddaalladarro haysato. Peaceful Somalia trading with Peaceful Ethiopia,I think ,is the best future for both.

    • @ Alley M

      To be honest, I don’t think we have the heart to do what they have done to us. We gave them Meles a well-trained leader and was given a clear Road Map for him and Afwerki of Eritrea on how to govern well, and what Ethiopia gave to Somalia, Warlords with Zero Plan from Hargaysa to Kismayo, dil, dhac, kufsi iyo barakicin.

      Ethiopia destroyed Somalia? We were at least #5 in all of Africa. By now, we would have been so ahead into the Future. Does Ethiopia know what they did to Somalia? Forget that they said, they are not done with us according to them. If that is not the definition of Enemy, I don’t know what it is. All I know is, that we can not afford to be a devided.

      • @@@ Mahbar1,
        Sida sharafta leh e aad u wajahday su’aashaydii.Ragganimo weeye.Soo ma moodid in ay Somaliya tahayba wadanka Ethiopia gacanta ku hayay haddaanba Meles iyo Afdahab(Afwerki) inaga xukunka gaynay?

  6. Ally M is fully entitled to expressing his views and opinions pretty much like everyone else on this forum.

    There is nothing unique about being a Puntlander or a Daarood and expressing your support for Xassan Sheekh as if he is from another planet. What being his fan does not absolutely warrant anyone is the right to hurl insults at others who are not his greatest fans.

    Let us behave like a civilized people and respect each other’s space.

    • @@@Awlal,Ustaad thanks for standing up for the truth as always. wish I could use the harshest language in my rebuttals but I try not to, knowing if I do I will be like them. I wish they could think a little bit and see how I go after Deni,Madoobe and likes of them.As for Xasan Shiikh,less than 100 in the presidential villa,already no less than 700 if not more of our youth died in unnecessary fighting among ourselves in different groups.Those who write here gibberish have sight but lack the insight,internal blindness is the worst disease.

  7. @@@Ally M,

    Caaqil, this is why you should never be tempted to stoop to their level: contrary to the narrow-minded sycophants with a tunnel vision perspective of the world around them, you are an open-minded and knowledgeable individual who is capable of taking a broader view of the world and wide-ranging issues that get reported here, without fear or favour.

    Only the feeble-minded who can’t debate intellectually resort to seeking solace in badmouthing others and believe that being foulmouthed makes them invincible and brave.

  8. @Awlaal

    We don’t like you Awlal because, for one reason, You Are Stupid! I hope that wakes you up. Just because you can write and choose the correct words, mean nothing to many of us.

    Somehow, your knowledge of the English and Somalian languages and your Intellect can not coexist together. Let me break it down for you, when it comes to Tribe, you got a big mouth defending your tribe. Very Stupid, don’t do that. Tribalism is what destroyed Somalia and you don’t know how to downplay it.

    Another problem you have is, Cilaaqaadka Masar iyo Soomaaliya waad ka xumaataa. Why? Soomaaliya Cadowgeeda waa Itoobiya And Masar are willing to Arm Somalia, but somehow, you don’t have what it takes to understand the opportunity. Hogayeey ba’ayeey ayaad bilowday iyo halaga joogo Masar. Maxaa kaa si ah?

  9. @Daadiroow,

    Dhoocil afka iska furatay ayaad igu noqtay, wax aan kuugu jawaabo ayaanna garan waayay runtii.

    Iska qaso waxaaga.

  10. Ha sets snskslowiiwhwvsvscacsnsksoosjsb eveveheueuiwishsbsvedhshsheknensbzvsdrawhowpsmssnbzVvgajsjsbsowowhwvexxtxytndkksnzbhWjevgzhsbzhnz bssmixgsieiznsb

  11. @@@ Daadiroow you must know that writing ability and choosing correct words are gift from Allah,and using that ability as attack or insult on Awlal is itself shows your ignorance in Diin and in Dunyaa.

    Read and write were the first Aayaad in the Qur’aan Allah SWT revealed to his Slave Muhammad SCW. When the Nabiyada Allah were given task to mankind ,First thing was asking from Allah to make them been understood and make their words clear. The tribalism existed before Alwal and you,and it’s Allah’s wisdom to make societies function that way but inline and in the parameters of Islam.

    If he is an advocate for his kinship there is no shame on that but it needs balance of which Awlal is very good at.
    In conclusion,I choose this opportunity to educate you in Islamic principles and perhaps make you use this forum to build friendship and better societies of which ultimately be beneficial to all of us including yourself.
    How do you know if Awlal lives next door and may as well going to same masjid and know each other?
    As for Alwal,stand tall my boy!

    Allah knows the best!

  12. @@@Ally M,

    Caaqil, jazaakallaahu kheyral jazaa. Your pearls of wisdom are truly touching and is a special gift that only Allah (SWT) bestows upon his humble and nice natured servants.

    يُؤْتِى ٱلْحِكْمَةَ مَن يَشَآءُ ۚ وَمَن يُؤْتَ ٱلْحِكْمَةَ فَقَدْ أُوتِىَ خَيْرًۭا كَثِيرًۭا ۗ وَمَا يَذَّكَّرُ إِلَّآ أُو۟لُوا۟ ٱلْأَلْبَـٰبِ ٢٦٩

    Allah grants wisdom to whomever He wills. And whoever is granted wisdom is certainly blessed with a great privilege. But none will be mindful of this except people of reason and intellect.

    Waa seeflabboodnimada, salfudaydka, camalxumada, sabar li’ida, iyo adkeysin la’aanta isla halkan Puntland Times habeen iyo dharaar lagu arkayo weeye sababaha ay Soomaalidu nolosha iyo qarannimadaba ugu xasili kari wayday. Bal kuwaas oo is horfadhiya maxay isku sameyn lahaayeen, iskaba daa iyaga oo hub gacmaha kuhaysta e?

    We should both stand tall gacalka but wish our people were civilized and tolerant. The truth will be told and none can silence or deter us no matter how low they sink.

    Shukran Jaziilan, Caaqil.

  13. Its getting heated over here. Hence I declare myself neutral though my support for the president still remains strong. Because he has tried to keep his promise to have Somalia at peace with others success might achieved his effort are sincere. President’s effort to bring our boys back from Eritrea is highly appreciated. We hope the president will successful start to work on the second part of his motto Somalia at peace with itself. Third part which is confronting Al shabaab shall follow quickly.

  14. Somalia .
    The Somali Nation State,has historical enemies.
    The arch enemy of Somalia is the Abyssinian Empire
    Ethiopia when it comes to Somali State Nation,they were those who played a great role to destroy the Nation.sorry to say Somali were helping the enemy to accomplish its mission and still there were many around in caritatieve regions in Somalia.
    The other Savages enemy is the terrorist al shabaab.
    In the present time,Kenya plays a major role to have a buffer Zone in lower Juba region,and not accept the maritime decision reached by International Court of Justice in Huge Netherland.
    We The Somali,one ethnic group,but unlucky it becomes to a curse to us.
    We Somali we don’t hate ethnic group in the Horn of Africa,the only thing,we need from – neighboring countries specifically is not to interfere the internal affairs,and respect the territorial integrity,independence and Sovereignty of Somali republic.
    In Ethiopia there were more tha 80 ethnic groups.
    Hebesha – are those people who are from northern part of Ethiopia.
    The Tigre,the Agew,the Beta Israel and the Amhara.
    The were Semetic.
    Somali People are Cushitic,like Oromo,Afaar,linguistically
    and religion although some small Oromo are Christian.
    Somali people has the right to defend itself from all theses enemies.

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