Wararkii ugu dambeeyay ee duqeymo lala beegsaday saldhigyo ay leeyahay Al-Shabaab

Wararka ka imaanaya gobalka Hiiraan ayaa sheegaya in diyaarado dagaal ay duqeymo culus ka geysteen deegaanka Coomaad ee degmada Matabaan, oo ay ku sugan yihiin maleeshiyaadka argagixisada ah ee Al-Shabaab.

Duqeymahan ayaa lala beegsaday saldhig ay laheyd kooxda Al-Shabaab, oo ay ku sugnaayeen maleeshiyaad iyo xubno sare oo kamid ah Al-Shabaab.

Dadka deegaanka ayaa sheegay inay maqlayeen jugta duqeymaha lala beegsaday ururka Al-Shabaab. Lamana oga inta uu gaarsiisan yahay khasaaraha ka dhashay.

Duqeymahan ayaa imaanaya xilli maleeshiyaadka Al-Shabaab ay maalmihii u dambeeyay wadeen dhaq-dhaqaaqyo, kuwaas oo intooda badan ka soconayay deegaano kamid ah goballada Hiiraan iyo Bakool, oo dhaca xaduudka goballadaas la wadaagaan Dowlad deegaanka Soomaalida Itoobiya. Waxaana dhexmaray Al-Shabaab iyo Ciidanka DDS ee Liyuu Booliska dagaalo culus.




    CONGRATULATIONS… let destroy all terrorists what source they are. If they are HAWIYE or ALSHABAAB militias, we don’t care. HAWIYE and ALSHABAAB are one. They are not two.

    I congratulate PRESIDENT MUSTAF AGJAR. He is doing a great job…

    MUSTAF CAGJAR is one of the sons who were saved from the massacre called BAN-BILAAYO near the Beletweyne… 50,000 innocent and refugee OGAADEEN had been massacred mercilessly by HAWIYE Militia.



  2. Obviously, the disaster capitalists currently dominating the West’s economy and politics are manufacturing ever newer weapons for which they require real human Guinea pigs to test on and analyse their efficacy; and who better than the crippled colonies that have now turned into active neo-colonies, and “Moslems” in particular?

    The West incepts and funds these insurgent morons all over the world, particularly in Muslim countries, but also in Latino nations in the Americas whom the rednecks in the US are fearful are poised to inherit that continent in due course. So, the game is to create the human targets and then practice on them to further enhance their weapons.

    No one in their right mind believes that the Shabaab militants are suitable targets for aerial assaults or that they can be eradicated only through sheer military power, because, if that were the case, there would be none left standing after over a decade of AMISOM and other international “special” forces being present on Somali soil.

    We all know that the capitalists are on a vicious crusade to depopulate the rest of the lesser world (those of non-European heritage) and are, therefore, engaged in a multidimensional approach to accomplish that mission – scientific, military, technological, disasters, and others that remain their top secret.

    What better way to depopulate Somalia and diminish the Somali race at large than installing puppets in Mogadishu that parrot the same tired and counterproductive mantra of “war against Shabaab” while at the same time cutting down the Somali youth under the pretext of destroying El-Shabaab via AMISOM and aerial bombardments!

  3. The drones and war planes don’t discriminate,they kill civilians more than the intended targets.
    Sadly,our nomads are victims for this kind of operations.Just Courtside people are the most free people and don’t depend on others for living.
    My question to you all is that if tree falls in the forest and no body was there,did the tree made noise? Geed ayaa duur cidla ah ku dumay,qof ma joogo meesha, Geedka shanqad masameeyay mise maya?

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